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I made musashi's zori for anime-manga cosplay funs. they are imaginary zori. Japanese footwear are open style which is different from foreign shoe style. When we are walking in them, the heel was not attached to the rear of the geta. It just "flap skate". I think back band zori are hard to walk and not useful...


3/20/2002 Musashi's zori

M (23cm): $53
L (24.5cm): $55
LL (26cm): $58
LLL (27cm): $64
LLLL (30cm): $66

shipping to USA: $15

Musashi's zori 27cm
Tie your zori-laces

3/15/2002 Musashi's zori are completed.


1/13/2002 I made Musashi's zori for a student in NC.


8/8/2001 This is my first zori which I made.




6/8 zori I made

I attached Velcro to back band
Velcro is easy to put on and take off quickly.
you can regurate the length.


Still more, I attched tie to the back band.


This is true waraji. 6/7, I get it.

the right-waraji-balance is good in walking.
There are some way to tie.

The other side of zori

Japanese footwear "waraji"


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