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In old time Japan, back when everyone wore the shoe style called geta, each geta shop, or "geta-ya" had craftsmen available at the shop at all times. These craftsmen would make the geta to perfectly fit each person as well as attach the chosen colored straps, called "hanao", across the top while the customer watched. They also made a related shoe style called "zori" which did not have the geta style raised sole blocks on the underside. The geta-ya had alot of customers. Do you know any geta-ya today that operate this way? Now this kind of geta-ya is very rare in Japan. Recently the geta has made a come-back because of its popularity among young Japanese as well as tourists and foreigners. I see many tourists pass my shop and stop to look at the geta. I'm sure for many Japanese that pass by, the images of my shop bring back many fond memories.....


Geta wo hakimashou.
Geta? Put on? What?

Geta wa nihon no hakimono desu.

You can depend on me! Watashi ga anata ni pittari no geta o sagashite age masu.

Oh! hakigokochi saikou.
Yokatta ne.

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Do you know the Japanese word "KARANKORON"? It's an integral part of the geta. Without it, they are not real geta!
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