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Q : Dose your shop accepts foreign orders?
A : My shop accepts orders from customers anywhere in the world.

Q : Which credit card are accepted?
A : My shop accept VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX, MASTE CARD. You can buy all my shop's article by the major credit card from CCNow's online shopping cart.

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Q : Dose your shop accept money order?
A : My shop have an agent in USA and you can send the money order there. We will ship your order as soon as we get the information the agent have received the money order.

Q : Do you have a distributor (branch store) in USA?
A : 大きな在庫をわざわざ海外に持たなくても、インターネット経由で簡単にオンラインで商品の売買ができるようになりました。ですから海外への出店は考えておりません。その決済を手伝ってくれる代理店はアメリカにありますので、クレジット以外の決済をご希望の方はご連絡ください。

My shop don't have branch store overseas.

Q : Please charge it to my credit card by attaching my account number and expiration date.
A : My shop can not enter customers' order in place of you. CCNow orders must be placed directly by customers at their own Internet locations.

Q : How much postage must I pay for this parcel?
A : 商品重量が2,000gまではCCNowのショッピングカートでそのままお買い物ができます。2,000g以上を超える場合、または重量がご不明な場合は、こちらのSpecial order form をご利用ください。また、重量が500gに満たない場合は送料が安くなる場合がありますので、やはりSpecial order form をご利用ください。

Q : 貴店の発送時の送料について教えてください。
A : 当店のオンラインショッピングカートの基本送料の設定が$18となっています。これはAirmail で、1,500gまでの重さに対応しております。これは下駄2足分に相当します。

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(an informal cotton kimono for summer wear)
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8/25/2001 ゆかたの今後の入荷状況について。
Q : I wanted to order a yukata set, but they are mostly sold out. Are you going to get new supplies of yukata and obi and if so do you know when?

A : Thank you very much for your asking about our yukata.
I am sorry I am not going to get new supplies of yukata set this year. I get them in May---->July every year, because yukata is summer wear.
Yukata set regular price : $125--$150
Summer bargain sale, at the beginning of July,---> $43
8/21---->$20 It is next to impossible to coodinate yukata and obi.

8/18/2001 洗濯のお問合せ
Q : The yukata and obi had laundering instructions attached. But I cannot read kanji, so I cannot translate. Can you please tell me what the instructions say? My wife wants to take care of them properly. Thank you.

A : Washing
Yukata is cotton 100%
obi is polyester 100%
Not a synthetic detergent.
Neutral detergent is better.
Not a bleach
Don't wash yukata together with other white clothes.
Don't leave yukata in the water for a long time.
The color in this yukata will fade.
Don't wash yukata in boiling water. 30 degrees centigrade is better.
Not washing machine. Washing by hand is better.
Starch yukata lightly and dry yukata out of direct sunlight,
and iron (middle temperature), finish.

Q : Do you have any suggestions or instructions on "how to tie obi" for this yukata?

A : Please look at the website.
How to wear

8/7/2001 ゆかたに合った帯を代わりに選んでほしいのですが。
Q : Thank you for the response. I looked at the Ukata site. I would like to buy y-45 with o-6. I would also like y-47. I'm having trouble deciding which obi to choose. It is between o-2 and o-11. My dilemma is whether there is more yellow or green in the leaves. Can you help me decide? Thank you.

A : I have y-47 in stock, but o-2 and o-11 are not in stock. I recommend o-21 or o-24, o-14 to y-47.
Please look at the page.

8/1/2001 サイズについてのお問合せ
Q : I am sorry to bother you again, but i wanted to be sure that you meant the yukata have no size. I am with a dance group and am in desperate need of nice yukata and obi for practice. I have been looking for places that are reasonable in price and large enough to fit. My next question is if they have no size what is the largest size they will fit? I am small on top and I have no worries about the top portion, but I am concerned about the measurement through the hips. How big is the width of the garment in the hip area? I would be very grateful if you could help me.

A :

8/1/2001 ゆかたの着付けと帯の結び方、ゆかたの期間など
Q : I would like to know if there are instructions about how to wear an obi correctly, in particularly, tying it. If there are pictures to show how it is tied, that would be great. Is there a rule of how long the yukata should be? I'm about 154 cm tall. Again, thank you.

A : ゆかたを着る期間は、はっきりと決まっていません。日本では6月初め頃から8月末頃が適当だと思います。日本は北から南まで長い国なので、南の方は9月頃まで着ているかもしれません。

8/1/2001 ゆかたのサイズのお問合せ
Q : what are the measurements on the ukata? for example what is the length from shoulder to hem, and from shoulder to sleeve, and hip width?
hem : 1 衣服のヘム (裁ち端がほつれないように折り返した部分). 2 へり,縁.

A : size free 
the length of a kimono minus the collar : 163cm (64.2inch)
the length of a sleeve : 49cm (19.3inch)
the sleeve length : 67cm (26.3inch)
the width of the garment in the hip area? : about 135cm - 140cm (about 53inch)

yukata size : free

cotton 100%

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